Opintiet Oy Education Finland

Opintiet Oy Education Finland arranges tailored practical academical intensive courses throughout the year as well as outdoor education and camp schools in Finland

Opintiet Education Finland and Mr. Tapani Kaartinen arrange camp schools and intensive courses in Finland

Opintiet Oy Education Finland is a Finnish teacher training company founded by Tapani Kaartinen in 1995. Our core expertise is teacher training and we specialize in arranging field trips to the Finnish Archipelago, Lappland and Lake District in Finland. We arrange tailored practical and academical intensive courses throughout the year as well as outdoor education and camp schools for groups in Finland, Scandinavia and Estonia. In our academic and pedagogical courses, we combine practise and theory according to the Finnish curriculums. We arrange courses for school levels: pre-school, elementary school, high school, vocational training, and university. Our team of educators consists of Finnish teacher training specialists, teachers and professors.

Our methods are based on our scientificial research concerning learning and learning results in Finland. We highlight individuals` social self-regulation and motivation in the learning prosesses of groups and individuals. We believe that approaching students as individuals is the foundation for a good learning and educational system. Motivating is an important part of a teacher’s work.

Mr. Tapani Kaartinen (Class Teacher 1980, Subject Teacher 1980, Doctor of Education 2005) has worked for 32 years as a lecturer in The University Practise School of Tampere (1984-2016). Tapani has worked as a teacher in Sweden (1980-1982) and Kempele Finland (1982-1984) and have observed teaching and students studying in USA, Great Britain, China, Syria, German and Italy.

In our research and in our work as teacher educators, we have noticed that children and young people are very similar in different countries and cultures – what varies is the teaching in its dimensions of student-centered and teacher-centered methods. In teaching it is important to understand both the inductive and the deductive approach, but in the individual learning process of adults, children and groups alike, ”learning by doing” (Dewey, Kaartinen 2005) is the core. Our view is that meaningful doing generates success in studies. The meaningful doing itself and the motivation it creates strengthen the quality of learning.

After 1995 Mr. Kaartinen has arranged camp schools for over 300 groups in Finland. Our goal setting, experience and professionalism at Opintiet Education Finland ensure that studying and everything, that is done in our courses, is done with joy and meaning and in a secure manner. We do not take risks in our practise.

In our summer courses, we present the Finnish culture and ways of living. We spend a lot of time in the Finnish nature, for example following and studying birds. We provide the possibility to build bird buds and set them up in the forest for birds to nest.

We go fishing and prepare delicious meals out of the fish we catch. We pick fresh and organic wild berries and use them to bake traditional Finnish treats such as blueberry pies. We learn how to prepare firewood and make a campfire. Together we enjoy the warmth of the campfire in a cozy atmosphere by the lakeside.

We can attend concerts, visit museums and experience parks. We can climb, row and arrange summer dance practices in the Finnish nature.

Welcome all groups and families to our summer courses – take part in our everyday life and experience the rich culture, the lush nature and the welcoming people that make Finland.

Interested? Please request an offer for a tailored summer camp or training in Finland.

Please contact tapani.kaartinen@opintiet.fi +358400771222 Best regards Tapani.

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